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Vavilon” MMUN club started to work in Kavadarci since 2000. The club started to work with few young enthusiasts and since 2000 now the club has 20 – 25 members. This organization is authentic and simulates the work of the real United Nations (UN). The organization organizes few national conferences. On that conference we have debates, different discussions, making resolutions and few different things related with the simulation of the work on UN. In our club we are working very hard and intensive because we have meetings once a week. At the moment club “Vavilon” from Kavadarci is highly rated in the organisation because in the last few conferences since the annual conference in Skopje 2002 we have at least one best delegate. That is a result of our hard work. On the regular meetings we are working for example debate games, speech construction, research on internet for example google, AltaVista and other web sites. Also it is very nice to hear that our club is youngest in Macedonia because we have delegates that are still in primary school. Everyone that worked in MMUN it is certain that learned English language, they are very good debaters, and the students that formed this organisation are diplomats that work in embassy etc. In May 2005 our club organized national conference. This conference was rated among the best in the history of MMUN. We put a lot of effort to make this conference a real UN conference, with very good debates, resolutions, on current political and economic topics from the world. More than 100 delegates from all over Macedonia participated. The club is planning to continue with similar activities and expand its work involving more youth from Kavadarci and the surrounding area.

We invite you to the conference that will take place in Kavadarci starting from June 2, untill June 4th in the primary school 'Tosho Velkov Pepeto'

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