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Here are the people that make the work of SPPMD possible:

Lazar Nanev Ph.D - President

Born on April 25, 1969 in Kavadarci. He has graduated at Law Faculty, university “St. Cyril and Methodus” in Skopje . He has his master degree. He is establisher of the Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency. He has participated on many seminars and study visits in: USA , Poland ,Slovakia, Croatia , Switzerland etc. In the field of nongovernmental sector he worked on preparing of many projects, as well as preparing and organizing many seminars, of which many of them he was as a trainer, mentor, or operator. In addition, on more than 150 seminars, he took part in strategic management, NGO capacity building, evaluation, marketing, lobbing, public relations, as well as development and promotion of the NGO sector in Macedonia . Nanev has published and prepared many texts in the field of Juvenile Justice. Also he is member of the state commission for prevention of juvenile delinquency.

Contact: +389 70 218 566 email:


Petre Mrkev - Secretary General

As a Secretary General of SPPMD, Petre Mrkev is responsible for most of the projects and activities. Besides working as a coordinator of the Babylon Center and of the RIVER SEE project, he coordinates the young volunteers in the organization. Since 1996 he has worked on many various programs and events, and with his skills and experience has contributed in a great manner for the success of the Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency. The comitment and support of Petre Mrkev means a lot for the work of our organization.

Contacts: +389 75 595 495 email:



Danica Lokoska

She is born on 8th September 1988. She became a volunteer in 2004, and till now she has implemented very important tasks within the work of the organization. Since her involvement in our NGO she has been involved in several projects and has taken a significant role in some of them. She is very ambitious person who would like to reach each goal that she dreams about. She is active member in some other NGOs and her future plans are to become EVS Volunteer and to visit many countries.

Contact: + 389 75 662 217                e-mail:


Kiril Gashteovski

He is volunteer in SPPMD since 2003. He finds it very interesting here, because he can work, have fun and get experience at the same time. He is part of many projects, camps and seminars that SPPMD organizes. He is instructor of the MMUN club Babylon , member of the EU club, and he is participating in many projects that SPPMD organizes. SPPMD enables him to go on seminars in and outside of the country, where he gets a big experience. His motivation to continue working in NGO sector is enormous, but most definitely his future in the NGO sector he sees in SPPMD.

Contact: + 389 70 774 031          


Dime Mukaetov

Born on June 22, 1985. He is student of banking managment at the European University in Skopje. He is new member of our organization, and very motivated to work in the field of youth work, and human rights. He took part at an international seminar in Greece 2005. Also he was part of a seminar about partenrship in Strumica.

Contact: +389 70 797 497                email:


Natasha Pavlovik

She was born on 11th August 1987. She is a volunteer in our NGO since 2005. Her volunteering here helped her to develop her working, organizational and leadership skills. She has participating in few seminars, workshops and camps where she increased her knowledge in racism, discrimination, human rights and EU integration. Natasha is open for new friendships and new experiences which she deeply hope can implant in her future projects and society to make a better place for living for all.

If you want to share opinions, to discuss, don't hesitate to contact her: Mobile phone: +389 70 376 876 e-mail:

Igor Kulev

He is open-minded person, always open for a conversation. He likes Maths, Physics, Computer Science, and he has big ambitions for his future career, but most of all he likes to help improving his society. He thinks he gained very good skills during volunteering and he is sure that these skills will be useful. He is a member of MMUN. He is sure that with so many young activists his country has big perspectives and bright future.

Contact: +389 43 420 968


Nadica Stojanovska

She was born on 09/05/1988. She is volunteer already two years and she takes part in many projects. She likes to listen music and also to work on computer. Her future plans are to go abroad and to get new experiences

Contact: +389 75 782 264 email:


Verica Dimkova

She was born on 29/08/1988. She is high school studen in the Gymnasium"DobriDaskalov" Her wish is to study Medicine. She is volunteer in Babylon center since 2003. She likes to be part of this youth work because she considers that is very useful and is real way how to spend her free time. She is regular member of MMUN and European Club. She is also part of the Theatre troupe which existe in the frame of Babylon center. She has been participated on the seminar for medias in Sarajevo. She likes to travel a lot and to visit many foreign country. She is open for building new friendships and to get new experiences.

Contact: + 389 75 571 621 e-mail: veri_kav @


Zorica Gjorgjieva

Born on April 15, 1989 in Kavadarci. He is a high school student in the local gymnasium "Dobri Daskalov, 11 grader. She is assisten in our organization and member already 7 months

Contact: +389 43 416 987 +389 70 957 578



Zagorka Gjorgjieva

Born on April 15, 1989 in Kavadarci. He is a high school student in the local gymnasium "Dobri Daskalov, 11 grader. She is assisten in our organization and member already 7 months

Contact: +389 43 416 987 +389 70 957 578


Vasko Panovski

he is born on 04 October 1988 in Kavadarci. He is member of the SPPMD since December 2004. He is a member in drama club and he is trying to be successful in that. The drama club functions as an amateur club, but Vasko and his friends work hard to make it like the professional one. He was on seminar about acting in June 2005 in Belgrade. His wishes about this drama club are to make it to function well, and to have great successes with it. His biggest wish is to be computer programmer, because computers are his biggest love.

Contact: +389 43 412 802 +389 70 441 113


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