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We are a group of youngsters that our future and perspective are looking in the European Union, actually they are considering themselves as European citizens and are interested in the process of the integration of Macedonia in the European Union, and how does the Union works basically. We started as a small group of people, which had a big appetite for new experiences and knowledge. Our European Club officially started to work at 9 May, 2005 with a happening in the city municipality, where in a cultural – artistic and diplomatic way was presented the European Union and its work. On the ceremony were present persons from every ages and from every branches of the society. Something for the European Union told some poets from our city, volunteers from France , and also were mentioned all the dates of all the country's Euro-integration. Also, there was a competition on subject: “Essay for the European Union” on which there were winners that had got some modest rewards for I, II and III place. You surely would ask yourselves: “Why does the officially opening of the European Club was exactly on 9 May?” The answer is: “Because 9 May is the World day of the European Union”.

Our meetings contain on that that on every meeting we are discussing about the actual events in the European Union. On every meeting, we are setting up a question for the EU. When the question is set up, one of the members voluntary says that he will make a presentation about that question. Mainly, the presentations we are making in Power Point.

On the meetings, beside that that is working seriously, productive and effective, we are working on a fun and interactive way too. Besides all, we are youngsters, and that means that with active working there are many

interesting events that are happening in the time while the presentation is on, for example, on a Power Point presentation we had run out of electricity J . Also, when we are discussing about some sensitive topics, and when the tension is growing up, usually we are playing some interactive games which are good for the bettering of the level of concentration, and after that we get back to the topic that we discussed before.

On our meetings had participated some important persons and professionals which prophesy is the EU. Our first guest was Mrs. Katerina Kus-Ivanova, manager of the Sector for Euro – Integrations. Also, our club had organized public tribune for EU, which guest was Mr. Dragan Tilev, who works in the Sector for Euro – Integration in the government of Republic of Macedonia . On this tribune, youngsters, and the older, expressed their interest about the EU, which they came on the public tribune and asked question to Mr. Dragan Tilev, who answered them to the questions.


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