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The Center for children and youth - Babylon is a project of the Agency for youth and sport of Macedonia , and in Kavadarci it is implemented by the Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency. The program of the center is consisted of various activities with the children and youth, but it also includes trainings, workshops and seminars for the educators who are responsible for implementation of the activities. The Center works for at least eight hours weekly and it is regularly visited by about 850 participants with different ethnical, sociological and economic background. Most of the program activities belong to one of these sectors: computer skills, English language, life skills and creativity. However, the Center has widened its range of activities, so now besides the sectors mentioned above there are other programs which are of a particular interest for the youth. The program of the Center is implemented in an informal way and the main aim of the project is to organize the free time of the children and youth and to transform their energy into positive one.

As a part of the “ Babylon ” center exist various clubs lead by the youth themselves, aimed to develop the PEER education. Those clubs work on topics and questions that are interesting for youth. Such clubs are: the European Club, the Debate Club, club of the Macedonian Model of United Nations and the Theatre Club “Mosaic”.

This project is financed by the World Bank. There are seven educators who are employed and other four work on voluntary basis.

The main aims of the projects are:

•  Development of youth activities, enrichment of the choices and possibilities for youth's social life;

•  Rise of the level of trust among the ethnic groups that exist in the country, starting with the children and youth;

•  Creation of a solid basis developing voluntary work, that would contribute to the self-sustainability of the Center.

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